Convert Your Stories into Engaging Audio Narrations

Are you ready to bring your stories to life in a whole new way? We're excited to announce our latest feature that transforms your written stories into captivating audio narrations! Whether you're a budding author, a professional writer, or just someone who loves sharing stories, this feature is perfect for you. Let's dive into how you can easily turn your stories into audio.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Have Your Story Ready

First things first, you need a story. It could be anything from a heartwarming tale to an adventurous narrative. Make sure you've got your story written and saved on our platform. This is the canvas from which your audio masterpiece will be created!

Step 2: Click "Convert to Audio"

Visit your story page on our platform. There, you'll find a button labeled "Convert to Audio." This magic button is your gateway to transforming your written words into an audio format. Give it a click!


Step 3: Choose Your Voice

Depending on your subscription plan, you'll be presented with a variety of voice options for your audio narration. These voices range from soothing and calm to energetic and lively, ensuring that the voice fits the mood of your story perfectly. Take your pick!


Step 4: Convert and Wait

Once you've selected your preferred voice, hit the "Convert Now" button. In just 30-60 seconds, your story will be given a voice. A message will pop up informing you that your audio is ready.

Step 5: Play Your Story

Now, the moment of magic! Your story has been transformed and is ready to be heard. On the same story page, you can play the audio and enjoy your story in a whole new way. Sit back, relax, and listen to the journey you've created.


Why Convert Your Stories to Audio?

  1. Reach a Wider Audience: Audio stories cater to those who enjoy listening over reading, widening your audience.
  2. Add Depth to Your Storytelling: The power of voice can add emotional depth and nuance to your stories.
  3. Accessibility: It makes your stories accessible to those who prefer or require audio formats.

Ready to Elevate Your Stories?

Don't miss out on this exciting feature! If you're not yet on a plan that supports audio conversion, now's the time to upgrade. Experience the joy of bringing your stories to life in a whole new dimension. Subscribe to our plans that support audio conversion and start your journey into the world of audio storytelling today!