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Prize & Incentives

Join the contest and win this exciting prize to create exciting stories for your kid, for free!

How to Participate

You just need to Sign In and start create stories as you normally would


Sign In

You need to create an account if you haven't already. After that login with your email to enter the contest. Verify your email and invite others with your referral link to earn more free stories


Create 10 Stories

Enter a creative prompt for the AI to think. Based on the details of the hint StoryBee AI will create stories for you. You need to create 10 stories to be eligible


Collect votes

Thats all, after your story is published, you need to share it with your friends and family to get maximum likes possible

Contest Details

Join the contest and win this exciting prize to create exciting stories for your kid, for free!



To take part in the contest, you are required to create 10 stories. Your story should aim to evoke feelings or suspense in the reader. An opportunity to showcase your creative prompting skills.

Age group


Please note that the contest entries are intended for a young audience, specifically children, so ensure your story is age-appropriate and suitable for young readers


10 Days

The contest will run for a duration of two weeks, commencing on December 01, 2023, and ending on December 10, 2023.During this period, entrants are encouraged to create their stories and engage with the horror theme creatively.

Contest FAQ

The StoryBee Writing Contest is a delightful opportunity for participants to showcase their storytelling skills using our AI tool, StoryBee. By providing a creative hint to the AI, participants can create and share their own unique stories.

To join the contest, simply sign in to your account, provide a creative hint to guide the StoryBee AI, and then share your published story to collect votes. You need to create minimum 10 stories to be a part of the competition. Participation is easy and open to everyone!

The contest is open for a period of 10 Days, giving participants ample time to craft their stories and garner votes. Commencing on December 01, 2023, and ending on December 10, 2023.

You don't have to do anything other than you usually do in the platform. Any user who creates more than 10 stry will be a participant in the contest.

The winner of the contest will be determined based on the number of likes accumulate for all of the stories. Share your story widely to increase your chances of winning! Also you can like your own stories!

The author of the winning story will be rewarded with an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and 3 month of our Bee Buzz plan. Beyond the prize, this contest is a great way to engage with a community of storytellers and share your creative work.

We kindly inform you that the company maintains the discretion to adjust the terms, duration, and prize details of the contest as deemed appropriate. Rest assured that should any modifications occur, we will ensure transparent communication with all participants at the earliest opportunity.